Monday, January 26, 2009

¡Hola de España!

Well... I haven't written in my other blog and should probably be sleeping, but I just wanted to give a quick hello and say thanks to Chrislyn for putting this together. I bet Aunt Ann and Aunt Rae would get a kick out of it, I know my mom was touched.

It thought I would also mention that even though I couldn't be there when Aunt Ann passed away, I thought of you all everyday and it was a hard choice to make.

Over Christmas break I went into a very old and beautiful Spanish church and lit a candle in her memory. I know today is her birthday... not because I am good at remembering birthdays (as we all know I am not) but because my mom told me. In my heart, I light another candle and say a prayer for all of us today. I wish for good health and good fortune to all of us and those we love.

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